What Makes Us Unique?


Everybody acts, sings, and dances! All actors are guaranteed parts and lines in our plays. Our auditions are for casting purposes only.
Unlike other camps, our shows don't have main and side characters. Everyone gets a star moment on stage, and most songs and dances include the entire ensemble.

We offer young directors, choreographers, technicians, and writers a place to develop and practice their craft.
Most counselors are previous campers that aged out but still wanted to be a part of our community. We have had kids that come to the camp and discover that the technical side (lights, sound, etc.) of theatre is where their passion lies. 

Creative collaboration and input from our students is encouraged.
Is there a funny bit they'd like to add? Or maybe a joke isn't quite landing? Is there a song that would be great here? We encourage kids to help make the play truly theirs.

Our plays are usually highly adapted works in order to provide maximum parts, creative license, lines, and participation for our young actors.
"Normal" or "Traditional" are not words that are used to describe the camp or the productions. We will add parts if there are more kids, or merge parts if there are fewer. If we are doing a play that resembles a motion picture, chances are we are incorporating multiple versions of it; parts from the original fable, the book, and the movie are interwoven to provide the best - and often most fun - version.